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Animals are there to replenish the soil.

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Animals are there to replenish the soil. Think of a natural setting like a forest. How does it happen? The animals are part of that ecosystem. Nature always keeps ground cover. Have you ever been to a place in nature, in the wild, where you just see bare soil? addium There's always something that's protecting it and preserving the moisture. Nature doesn't till the way you saw in that first picture, where you take that delicate top layer and stick it down lower. It can't do anything to nourish the plants. Nature doesn't use chemical additives. Nature conserves water. Nature uses seeds that were grown in that place, because they're intended to be there, not seeds that are actually refined for a distant land or that have another gene introduced in them, as we're seeing now. So Erick became very influenced by these writings. And he, too, started to farm. And his method is called biodynamic farming. But it really is this full cycle of farming in the image of nature. And what he did, by doing this, is he started to nourish all of those microbes and all of those worms and all of those voles, the little rodents that live under the soil which are there to process that organic matter.
Sexting on kik

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