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I'm sorry, in between projects.

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I'm sorry, in between projects. And maybe you're trying to eat better. Focus on changing one thing in your diet, trying to eat a little bit healthier. And the example I always like to call upon is--just to cement my neediness--I like to look back and think about virility x3 OptimusPrime from Transformers. When you think of Optimums Prime, you got this huge Mack Truck, and all of a sudden he becomes freaking giant robot. How did he do it? One step at a time. It wasn't he snapped his fingers and all of a sudden transformed from a truck into a robot. One tire pulled in. The windshield pulls down a little bit. Something else gets tucked behind something else. And little by little, step by step, Optimums Prime transforms himself literally, from amuck Truck into a robot. So, I encourage you to start doing something. Build on that. And once you're doing something, get a little bit better at it each time and you'll start to see some results and hopefully start leveling up your life. I guess we open up to questions now. Before I get there, I just want to say again guys, thank you so much for coming out. It's been an absolute pleasure to be here at Google and probably one of the coolest things
Sexting on kik

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