Sexting on kik

Selling Nudes/Vids for Cheap! Add Me ;)


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Hey guys just letting you know I'm selling nudes and vids for a good price. You will be cumming soon after I get paid. Please do not add me if you aren't interested in buying since I will just block you.

5$ for 2 pics
30$ for 3 vids
25$ for 10 pics
35$ for 20 pics
70$ for 50 pics
100$ for 100 pics

Currently I only accept Amazon giftcards and Bitcoin. You can buy them from gyft along with amazon's website. US cards only!

NOTICE: I will not give nude previews or go first so if you don't trust me go to someone you do trust.

KIK: jkolson17
Sexting on kik
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Bump. Remember I do not trade so please do not add me and request trades/free pics. You wouldn't go out to eat and ask to trade food would you?

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