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the abilities that it won't mean one won an update on the walking ideas my next question UK alright well a year your most recent challenge to mews to go I think three houses or something like that now I'm walking like five or six has display and ten or twelve has it that way and the really cool rate there is a part %uh so I had to stop and redo you're walking all the way to the park yeah and black yeah I'm walking boots but and yes is Joe Cole you got to hear this I just scattered in my local pair yes are walking wouldn't walking trails weight of my park in my neighborhood I did not know this I had been living here since 99 have and Sony sixteen years he didn't I didn't know I'm sure my teenager in town now I'm chen et al yeah and but always really cool I am tonnage my flip paid and I am going to take some video for I would be awesome up tell me that is here on their is actually like this wooden bridge that like arching like inarching wooden bridge it was up in over at this read the net is a storm Rabin that is all natural and reads like cat tails and staff at me and bullfrogs /
Sexting on kik

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