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When using your videos, should teachers change

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When using your videos, should teachers change their strategy in the classroom?

JR: With the videos that I'm producing, students can watch the videos before class or teacher could project them in class, at the time it considers appropriate. You can also use them to give examples, in order to enrich the class with that material. 70-347

The advantage of this work is that the video has already occurred, so that students and teachers can repeat as many times as they want and spend class time to conduct more active work with students. For example, solving workshops, answer questions, help students with their difficulties, help those who find it harder to understand an issue; even up progress in other subjects in mathematics [2]. This is a new proposal that teachers can use to give a different dynamic math classes and make these really are enjoyable for their students, rather than the difficult matter, complicated matter, as has traditionally been to most of the students. In this way teachers can use them to:
Sexting on kik

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